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Скан интервью с сенсеями Урбаном и Томасом для Kurzemes Vārds
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Сканированная версия интервью с сенсеями Урбаном и Томасом, опубликованной в газете Kurzemes Vārds от 20.04.2011, номер 93.
Категория: Разное | Добавил: mahach
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1. Shawon [Материал]
Dear Sensei,
I found your website through http://www.shinjinkai.org/Links.html
I am from Bangladesh. And in my country there is no option to learn Aikido Martial Arts. I am ready to take the course until I achieved my goal.
I am fond of Martial Arts from my early age when I was 14 I got enrolled one of private training center. There I was practicing Shotokan Karate. I got serious injured during practice session and after few months later that club terminated their class without prior notice. It's the condition of my country.
Now I am 26 yeas old have graduated and currently doing freelancing job through online.
I am involved with a Charity Organization in my Country. I learned and still in practicing Quantum Method Meditation.
I searched more for training center through online and just now I got your address and start to writing to you first with my confident.
Dear Sensei , I am fond of Japanese Martial Art. I am confident that I can start it from today, from right now and I want to continue my training seriously.
Kindly inform me about the course details and how can I do process my admission in to this institution.
I did try more to go Japan but it's too much hard to get visa to Japan for Bangladeshi citizen. And I get informed that going Japan for learning Martial Art is too hard to get visa from Bangladesh.
Please I need your help to come to your institution for training purpose as I have come to know about your Dojo. It's giving more precious opportunity to it's students. I am ready to take my training in Poland or Latvia or Lithuania anyone country where will be easy to go.
I am contacting you and I know your training institution is located in Latvia. I'd be grateful to you if you help me to process my enrollment.
Dear Sensai,
I want to learn and continue my practice at your dojo.
Kindly help me for enrollment at your Dojo.

With Respect

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